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  • Encountering God’s Presence: What Should We Expect?

    July 23, 2014 5:01:00 PM

    Our response to God’s presence uniquely defines us as God’s people. That is what I told a group of saints at a breakout session during our recent WorshipGod14: TRIUNE conference. Scripture tells us that God’s presence is a distinguishing characteristic of God’s people. Consider these words from Exodus 3:14–16,
    And [the LORD]...
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  • The Word of God for the Weary Soul

    July 22, 2014 10:08:00 AM

    Every single time the living, active Word of God addresses us, it is powerful. His truth shapes us and changes us. However, I can look back and pinpoint particular instances where I had a unique encounter—where, as I sat there listening to the preached Word, it seemed as if God was singling me out of the crowd, speaking personally, directly, and specifically to...
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  • What Did God Do At WorshipGod West?

    July 21, 2014 10:44:00 AM

    This past Wednesday through Saturday, nearly 500 people gathered at WorshipGod West in Santa Ana, California to consider what it means to worship our Triune God. Of these 400 people:
    • 2 were from Singapore
    • 152 came for their first WorshipGod conference
    • 32 were senior pastors
    • 117 came from churches of under 100 people
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